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The SOBEMAP is a government-owned firm which benefits from the monopoly of the operations of handling, of the conventional traffic in the Autonomous Harbour of Cotonou.Liens Web
The statutes of the SOBEMAP were approved by the decree 89/336 of August 29th, 1989. It is endowed with the legal personality and with the financial autonomy; it exercises its activities according to a commercial mode and it is based on courts of common law. It is subjected to the same taxes, the rights and the taxes as the private firms. Because of its character of national company, its statutes were elaborated according to the measures of the law 88/005 of April 28th, 1988 relative to the creation, to the organization and to the functioning of the public and semi-public companies.
As regards the principle of the autonomy, the SOBEMAP meets in the extent of the powers granted by the law and the statutes to the management bodies of the company: board of directors and general management. According to the statutes, the Board of directors consists, besides the observers’ members (which have no right for the vote), of seven (07) administrators appointed by decree, on proposition of the supervising ministers for a period of four renewable years.
They are organized as follows :

One (01) representative of the Minister of State in charge of Economy, Development and Evaluation of the Public Action
One (01) representative of the Delegate Minister in charge of Maritime Economy, of Sea transports and Harbour facilities with the President of the Republic who is the chairman of the board of directors
One (01) representative of the Minister of Finances and Economy
One (01) staff representative of the company elected by this one (General Secretary of the labour union)
One (01) representing of the ACAD (Association of the Agents Approved in Customs)
One (01) representing of the APRAD (Association of the Professionals Approved in Customs)
It is advisable to underline that the Board of directors is a decision-making body par excellence the members of which are invested with all the powers to act in the name and for the company.

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