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The treatment of a ship tied up on quays appeals to procedures. The most common procedures concern the loading and the landing of the goods.

  For the maritime shipping of your goods, you owe :
  • compare your goods with the stores of the SOBEMAP;
  • remove your bulletin of loading with the consignee of the ship that must carry out the transport;
  • leave then this bulletin of loading in the Sales department of the SOBEMAP to pay the royalties of acconage to the export and of location when the goods are in container;
  •  go to the loading dock offices concerned for the delivery of documents necessary for the load namely :
      • the bulletin of loading;
      • the invoice of acconage-export;
      • the customs declaration.


Removal of the goods for the statutory deadlines



a) You have just received the notice of arrival of your goods sent by the consignee of the ship having made the sea transport

  • make the recognition of your goods by identifying the store or the central reservation of the SOBEMAP;
  • contact the agency of consignment of the ship to remove the voucher of Company (collectively called delivery note or good to remove);
  • meet then in the Sales department of the SOBEMAP with the voucher of Company to pay the royalties of handling.

b) You want to proceed to the removal of your goods with the loading dock offices of SOBEMAP in the harbour compound.

  • Present in these places the invoices of the royalties of handlings for the establishment of the delivery order by the storeman;

N.B : however, do not forget the formalities to be filled with the other harbour operators. They are compulsory for the exit of your goods, but not preliminary for the establishment of the delivery note.

  • make mention in the rack « Report of averages » of the delivery note, the damage undergone by your goods.
  Removal during excused time



a) You settled all the royalties of handling, but for diverse reasons, you accuse of the delay to remove your goods.

  • make sure to have settled the expenses of guarding;
  • return to the Sales department of the Head office (General management) of the SOBEMAP with your invoices of royalty of handling for the renewal of the guarding.

b) Six (06) months passed by since the unloading of your goods in the Port.

Your goods are transferred to the deposit of the harbour customs. You want to proceed to their removal :

  • verify in the customs deposit the effective presence of your goods to know if they were not already liquidated by auction;
  • In case they would not have been sold by auction, meeting then in the Sales department of the SOBEMAP with the aim of the payment of expenses.
Harbour Exemption
  a) Goods in consumption

The extension of exemption granted to the containerized goods is of as from the date of provision of the ship (the date of provision of the ship is of 48 hours after the date of arrival of the ship), that is 11 days. As regards loose goods and in conventional, the deadline extension is of 9 days.

    b) Goods in transit

Independently of the nature of the goods, the extension of exemption is of 18 days.


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