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Created the March 27th 1969, SOBEMAP is a business firm which objective is to execute in the Seaport of Cotonou operations of handling , of customs commission agent, and to exercise any other activities related to them.
It should be noted that SOBEMAP launches itself the day before the liberalization of the sector of harbour handling in a policy of diversification of its activities. Thus since 1997 it exerts so much with the port as with the airport, operations of customs entries and removal of the goods as well for its own account as on behalf of the thirds.
SOBEMAP has also received in December 2002, the agreement to exert the activity of maritime consignment. Its first ship anchored the basin of the Port of Cotonou the 4th June 2003.
Today, with more than forty years of experience and of know-how, it gets all the specialities of harbour handling, of consignment and of Port and Airport Transit.
The SOBEMAP has modern equipments, central reservations and harbour warehouses, allowing it to proceed for thirds to the handlings of goods, as well as to the operations of storage. She has equipments adapted to the evolution of the Technology, big infrastructures of storage, a pool of modern machines intended for every operation and a modern and solid information system to satisfy better her customers.


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