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The vision of the SOBEMAP, such as formulated by the General management is to lean on the quality of the people and the values shared by the company to give chance of good behaviour in front of the competition and assure the steady growth of this last one. So, the SOBEMAP has perspectives which appear as follows :

Increase the intervention capacities of the company for the intensification and the progressive renewal of the handling equipment of ships in the Port of Cotonou;

Develop a corporate culture at the level of all the staff, to assure a better coordination of the activities and increase the global performances of the company by developing a system of information and communication which guarantees the homogeneity of the decisions;

Strengthen capacities and competences of the staff;

Increase the computing capacities of the company both at the material level and at the software level;

Practise the constant listening of the business customers;

Establish quality circles to develop not only the professional skills while favouring personal fulfilment but to be always considered as a reference on the harbour platform;

Improve the competitive capacities of the SOBEMAP with regard to the competition;

Strengthen the management of the legal affairs of the company.


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