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To meet the challenges of the facilitation of the exchanges between the customers/partners and itself, SOBEMAP puts in place, a system named :
  Unique Window

The unique window is defined as an opportunity allowing the parties implied in the business and the transport to put down information and documents normalized with a point of unique  entrance to perform all the official formalities bound to the import, to the export and to the transit.

  Guarding of the goods

The SOBEMAP proposes to its customers the guarding of its goods. This process of guarding is made as follows:
So, one month after the entrance of the goods to the store, an awaiting delivery notice is sent to the customer. If he does not answer, two (02) months after we send him/her the second an awaiting delivery notice. Three (03) months later if the customer does not still show himself, the storeman sends him/her a third and last an awaiting delivery notice followed by the transfer of the goods in the customs deposit for an auction. All in all, the goods cannot stay in a store beyond 120 days later.


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