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For an efficiency in the fulfilment of the various provisions of a service, the SOBEMAP has at its disposal state-of-the-art adequate equipments.

It is a question in particular of :
Forklift Truck or spreader of a capacity included between 3 and 48 tons;
Machines of traction including tractors of quay and road tractors with capacities included between 23 and 60 tons;
Loaders articulated on tyre with 1 jar of 3m3;
Trailers of a capacity included between 32 and 60 tons;
Cranes from 3 to 6 tons;
Trailers of capacities included between 32 and 60 tons;
Equipments among which some are specially used in the treatment of bulk carriers: it is in particular about grab-buckets, about loaders, about compensators and the other working tools;
stackers Forklift Truck of PPM brand with telescopic spreader of 45 tons.

photo Galery of equipments

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