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The Beninese Company of Harbour Handling (SOBEMAP) has for objectives to execute in the Port of Cotonou the operations of handling, to execute in the country the activities of approved Customs agent, to exercise any activities which relate to it. So, it exercises three main activities. It is a question in particular of :

  • Handling
  • Consignment
  • Transit
  • Handling
       The handling edge
      Conventional RORO, Containers, Bulk carriers
       The Transhipment

    Edge/Earth, Earth/Edge, Ship/Ship, Edge/Edge

       The handling ground
       The location

    Stripping of containers, Consolidation of containers, Unbundling of containers

       The rent of machines and workforce
       The cleaning and the repair of containers
       The reception, the guarding and the delivery of the goods



    The SOBEMAP also received in December, 2002, the approval to exercise the activity of maritime consignment. Its first ship wet the pond of the port of Cotonou on June 04th, 2003.
    With a working organization which enjoys an available, competent, experimented, and motivated staff, the SOBEMAP supplies you a quality service in any circumstances.


    We execute in the Port of Cotonou the operations of handling, of Customs commission Agents.
    So, the SOBEMAP dashed itself on the eve of the liberalization of the sector of the handling of containers into a policy of diversification of its activities. So, since 1997 it exercises both in the port and in the airport, the operations of customs declaration and removal of the goods as well for its own account as for third parties.


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