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To reach its objectives, the SOBEMAP was equipped with a compound treated on a hierarchical basis structure of : 

  • Technical Directorates which support the managing director;
  • Technical Directorates are divided into section or department.   

Under the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports (MIT), the SOBEMAP is structured as follows :

The Board of Directors

The SOBEMAP is managed by a Board of directors (CA) consisted of seven (07) members invested with all the powers allowing it to act in any circumstances in the name and for the Company. These last ones are appointed by decree on proposition of the Supervising ministers and have for missions to examine and to approve every year the balance sheet of the exercise, the projected budget of the following exercise, the report of committees in the accounts.

The General Management
The daily management of the Company is assured by the Chief Executive Officer who takes care of the execution, the follow-up of the decisions stemming from the Board of directors, from the control and from the coordination of all the activities of the Company.   
Directorate of Human Resources

It assures the recruitment and the management of the permanent, contractual and occasional staff takes care of the training and the recycling of the staff. In brief it manages the human resources and the career of the staff.

Commercial and Marketing Directorate
It proceeds to the quotation and to the invoicing of the provisions of edge and earth handlings offered to the clientele. It manages the Commercial and marketing function of the SOBEMAP and takes care of the management of the clientele of the Company.  
Administrative and Financial Directorate

The Administrative and Financial Directorate manages the accounting and financial functions of the Company. It elaborates the budget, executes it and proceeds to the management controls.

Directorate of Operations

It assures the exploitation of the machines of handling, the operations of handling as well when loading as landing, the reception, the storage and the delivery of the goods.

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